We are a small family farm. We raise and market about 30 birds a year. We do look forward to that number expanding soon! We raise the ostrich as a food source. We are in the process of setting up a museaum on site to show visitors the history of our industry. We have followed ostrich farming in the states back to the 1800's. We do have farm tours(large groups please call ahead). We have a small retail shop set up at this time, but are looking to expand. We sell USDA inspected ostrich meat, eggshells, ostrich leather products, homemade soaps and lotions(all from the ostrich oils). We guarantee that you will be amazed by these critters! We belive it is the only living dinosaur!

Winter Crops

ostrich, soap,

Spring Crops

ostrich, eggs, soap,

Summer Crops

ostrich, eggs, soap,

Fall Crops

ostrich, eggs, soap,

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