What Is Stronger Roots?

Stronger Roots is a network of black agriculturalists of all skill levels, connecting online and in-person to understand, share, educate, and learn more about the plant life around us.

About Us

We are plant moms, plant dads, brown thumbs, green thumbs and everything in between!

Stronger Roots is an organization dedicated to connecting passionate agriculturalists all around the world. What started off as a hub for agriculturalists to find romantic relationships with like-minded enthusiasts, quickly became a community of people focused on one goal: Getting back to their Roots.

Since the vision broadened, ALL connections are encouraged and highlighted: business, friendship, kinship, community outreach, sharing knowledge/tips, and yes, still the romantic aspect!! We focus on making sure members always have a shoulder to lean on and someone to learn from because as the saying goes “It takes a village.”


What do you want to expand your knowledge on? Starting and maintaining a garden? Farming? Taking care of different houseplants? We dive into all avenues of agriculture from hydroponics, soil science, fungi, microbes, beekeeping, and everything in between. This is it – the place where all agriculturalists can commune and become stronger together!

Meet Cupid

Who is Cupid? A name given to Travis Burrell of Hampton, Virginia is one “earned” off the premise of helping folks, which he calls “Soilmates”, fall in love with gardening! 

But why gardeners? Travis is a 5th-year gardener and self-proclaimed soil enthusiast. He began following his passion of plants and the science around them after his mentor Chuck was showing off his prized herbs and vegetables, and during so uttered the words “this is my Zen”. That was the beginning.


From that point on the goal was to also create a green space where peace could be achieved. From growing a few herbs and peppers the first year in a few nursery pots, to a 6-plot backyard oasis the 5th year, his passion for agriculture only continues to grow…pun intended.

Realizing this wasn’t a lifestyle he wanted to follow alone, he came up with the idea of creating a space where other enthusiastic agriculturalists could interact and fall in love with the garden.

Hence the name Cupid.

It quickly became a worldwide movement dedicated to ALL forms of connections amongst the community including business, kinship, friendship and still, romance.

Recently receiving his certification as a Virginia Master Gardener, Travis has dedicated himself to the movement of continuing to bring like-minded individuals together while also teaching them the wonders and science of caring for the soil and its crops to bring us back in tune with our roots.