My daughter has always been interested in animals and from a very young age wanted to be a pet doctor. In recent years, she's also been interested in having a farm one day. We started off our flock in Asheville in 2011 with six Barred Plymouth Rock hens. After our move to Raleigh in 2012, we've been working on reconnecting with our love of all things farm. What started out as a small flock of Ameraucanas and a 4-H project, has turned into a family passion and now a very small local farm dedicated to supporting local youth in agriculture through 4-H and Girl Scouts, donating chicks to Interfaith Food Shuttle for their teen program, to supporting other local farmers and families in their own quest to reconnect with their food. Our fees allow us to sustain our operations and is less about profits and more about sustaining our community and fostering our love of poultry. We are proud members of The Livestock Conservancy (formerly American Livestock Breeds Conservancy) and are NPIP certified. We specialize in unique, rare, and endangered heritage breeds.

Winter Crops

bath / body, soap,

Spring Crops

eggs, bath / body, soap,

Summer Crops

eggs, bath / body, soap,

Fall Crops

eggs, bath / body, soap,

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