We are a family owned and operated gourmet mushroom farm located in Stedman, NC, just outside of Fayetteville. We are new to the business but not new to mushrooms and mycology. We strive for quality over quantity and it is our number one goal to offer the best product available, while maintaining a sustainable business model that will benefit our community and the industry. We specialize in gourmet mushrooms of many varieties including several types of Oyster mushrooms, King Oysters, Lions Mane, Shiitake, and several others. We also offer high quality spawn, fruiting blocks, and mushroom grow kits. The mushrooms we offer by far surpass the standard button/portobello mushroom both in taste and especially in health/nutrition. Lions Mane, for instance, is not only one of the tastiest mushrooms we have tried but is also renowned for its neurological benefits, easily making it one of the top "super foods". Contact us and we will help you explore the world of REAL mushrooms!

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