Grows and sells industrial hemp

Back in the day...Two friends would sit around talking about additional ways to make some extra cash.  We knew starting a business together would be ideal, we just didn't know what joint venture it would be.  The business ideas we suggested were okay, but none really peaked our interest except for one, CANNABIS, but we knew that was out of the picture; living in state that doesn't have a Lottery!


Fast forward to September 23, 2019...A day I'll never forget!  I was at home sitting on the couch, watching a movie on NETFLIX sipping on a glass of some Common Good  when my friend Carlton came over to me and said "Get up, I'm going to take you somewhere, it’ll blow your mind."


Me being unconvinced of this mind-blowing experience, I finally made my way off the couch and we left. Driving a few miles out he looked at me and said "Do you smell that?" I said "Yes, What, you got a joint?" he just kept quiet and kept driving.  After driving a few more miles he began easing his foot off the accelerator and lowering the windows so I can get a clear view of something that resembled endless rows of Christmas trees; but No baby!! There wasn't a Christmas tree in sight, AND the smell, it was so powerful it seemed as though a skunk had hitched a ride.  He was right, HE BLEW MY MIND!!! while capturing the evidence of what was undeniably real I had to ask "When did Alabama legalize marijuana?


On December 20, 2018 the President signed the 2018 Farm Bill


The Year for New Beginnings...On January 13, 2020, Mia and Roy the same two friends who years ago would jokingly talk about growing Cannabis, were conditionally approved to grow industrial Hemp by the Alabama Agriculture and Industries (ADAI) and officially receiving their License on February 28, 2020.


Our vision - to grow a successful family farm in the heart of Northern Alabama. To share this experience with our friends and family and to enjoy one another during this process. We are truly thankful and Blessed  to receive such a gratifying opportunity.  We understand there are all kinds of great benefits of using cannabinoid. So, whatever your reasoning, from wanting to simply live a pain-free,  relaxing, and healthier lifestyle remember Us, Kind Origin Pharms,  "It Comes From A Good Place"


“Focus your energy and attention on things you want to grow”

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