We are a diverse, environmentally-friendly, no-kill family farm that specializes in free-range chicken eggs, nettles, shiitake mushrooms, and various herbs/vegetables. Our current goal is to grow and eat only non genetically-modified food and to share our knowledge and food with others. Farm tours are available by appointment. for either two cans of food per person or a heart-felt donation. Our sweet-natured llamas, chickens, and Wink the Pig (who thinks he is a dog) would love to see you. We'll share our experience with our creek-driven micro-hydroelectric system, gather our "happy chicken" green or brown eggs, and let you learn about our "prehistoric" artifacts. Farm experiences are available for people who want to get their hands in the dirt! Coming Soon: Ask about our primitive camping cabin if interested in getting away from it all.

Winter Crops

sunchokes, eggs, compost / manure,

Spring Crops

kale, salad mix, spinach, sunchokes, swiss chard, eggs, fresh herbs, llama, compost / manure, earthworms,

Summer Crops

beets, kale, mushrooms, salad greens, salad mix, spinach, swiss chard, zucchini, eggs, teas, fresh herbs, medicinal herbs, fresh flowers, llama, compost / manure, earthworms,

Fall Crops

beets, kale, mushrooms, potatoes, salad greens, spinach, swiss chard, eggs, fresh herbs, medicinal herbs, compost / manure, earthworms,

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