Daddy's Girl Dairy raises from birth purebred French Alpines and Nubians, Alpine- Nubian crosses, and Saanan crosses on 30+ acres of rolling pastures and intermittant forest stands. More than six species of GMO-free heirloom grasses with a variety of natural browse nourish her dairy herd.
Licensed in the fall of 2003, Daddy's Girl Dairy began producing fresh goat milk cheeses in 2004 after being recognized and awarded the only small-farm batch pasteurizer loaned that year by The Golden Leaf Foundation. Guided by the expertise of Margaret Morris from Glengarry Cheese, Daddy's Girl Dairy cheese became referenced as the creamiest fresh goat's milk cheese by her customers. Many customers who had previously avoided goat milk cheese from other dairies because of the unpleasant "aftertaste" became immediately "addicted".
By fall of 2007, she was recognized as the local artisan for cheesemaking by the James Beard Foundation as part of The Taste of America in Charlotte.
Feeding practices prohibit the conventional method of feeding corn and soy since most of these have been genetically modified. Daddy's Girl Dairy has proven that a superior cheese can be produced without GMOs.

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