We have been farming using organic methods in Silk Hope, NC since 1971. We hold organic certification from International Certification Services for hay, barley, wheat, corn, vetch, and pasture. We farm apporximately 220 acres; the land includes woodlands, pasture, and protected wetlands. We have no wheat at this time. Field corn should be in shortly.
Our animals rotate pasture on a regular basis, providing clean forage and plenty of shade.
We never use any added hormones, vaccinations or routine antibiotics. In keeping with a humane care tradition, we never deny our animals appropriate medical interventions; those animals needing antibiotics for a specific reason receive them, and will not be included in our sales.
Beef are finished on our hay and grain, and pigs have free choice access while on pasture.
Chickens are raised as layers for eggs. They are free range, and are not contained in chicken tractors. We have a wide variety of breeds, including White Crested Polish Top-Knots, Auricanas, Buff Orphingtons, and RI Reds as well as some interesting hybrids that were laid and hatched here.
We welcome visitors to the farm, just please call so that we can arrange for convenient times to visit.
Thank you

Winter Crops

beef, eggs, barley, hay / straw,

Spring Crops

asparagus, garlic, onions, salad greens, salad mix, spinach, strawberries, beef, eggs, barley, hay / straw,

Summer Crops

beets, cucumber, eggplant, garlic, okra, beef, eggs, barley, hay / straw,

Fall Crops

broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, pumpkins, salad greens, salad mix, spinach, turnips, beef, pork, eggs, barley, hay / straw,

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