Cultivates and sells a large variety of vegetable and fruits including special produce such as persimmons

On Abundant harvests farm, we focus on mimicking nature’s natural succession as much as possible. our methods encourage the natural ecosystems by creating maximum diversity and life in the soil. because we realize that healthy soils = healthy plants.

We plant supportive species along the contour lines that transform our sandy conditions into soil that is nutrient-dense & filled with beneficial organisms.

By growing our own inputs, we economize on fertilizers, animal feed, and hay mulch, while improving the overall health of our livestock, soils, crops, the food we sell, and, ultimately, the surrounding environment.


Our family-owned and operated sustainable farm focuses on producing food without harmful herbicides or pesticides and educating the community on the importance of consuming healthy food.

We purchased the farm over 20 years ago to raise our children and grow food for our family. The farm is owned and currently operated by the family. Depending on the season, we are planning and diagramming seasons, planting using companion planting techniques, conditioning the soil through sustainable methods, planting seeds, maintaining the plants by pruning, weeding, checking for insects, organically fertilizing, and monitoring water irrigation to each plant.

Our future plans include producing more varieties of nutrient-rich food using various sustainable methods in combination with companion planting.

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