The Lavender Garden is a "Grosso" Lavender Field in Rowan County, NC; selling fresh lavender in June at harvest as well as Victorian lavender wands. The line of speciality items includes Lavender Marble Soap for Bath; Lavender Wands & Fresh Lavender Bouquets in season; Dried Lavender Bouquets; Lavender Buds; Lavender Mist for Linens/Room Refresher; Fun Lavender Fizzies for Bath; Lavender Pillows; Lavender Paper Folds/Sachets (quaint Provence item). Other items, including Lavender Scented Candles are being added to The Lavender Garden's line including Culinary Lavender Buds for Cooking; "Tussie Mussies" (another quaint Victorian item); and Lavender Eye Pillows.

Winter Crops

soap, dried herbs, dried flowers,

Spring Crops

soap, dried herbs, dried flowers,

Summer Crops

soap, dried herbs, fresh herbs, medicinal herbs, dried flowers, edible flowers, fresh flowers,

Fall Crops

soap, dried herbs, dried flowers,

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